Simson Lugers

The Weimar Years

Serial number 701

I picked this luger up after our book had been sent to publisher, or I would have included it.  Simson lugers were dated in 1925 and 1926 and I believe that this one (sn 701) was one of the first, if not the first after dating was discontinued (reason unknown at this time) by Simson & Co, Suhl.  Any that are dated after this Simson are simply not founded on empirical data (examples such as, much later 1926 serial numbered, 1927, or 1928 dateds).  Our database today consists of 389 line items, with a large amount physically handled by known and trusted collectors.  Our conclusion is; there are NO 1927 or 1928 dated Simson's. It simply does not make sense that hundreds of guns were not dated (between known undated guns).  Jan Still stated in Weimar Lugers that 1927 and 1928 Simsons were “controversial”.  I agree with this statement, they are more than controversial, as sometime in early 1926, the Army quit requiring dates to be stamped and no lugers were factory dated until the S date by Krieghoff and/or Mauser K dates, did the military start to require a date stamp again.

If this is not true, then there would be a minimum of at least 3-5 examples of 1927 and 1928 in my database, in addition, there would not be undated serial numbered guns in-between “dated” examples (these were all army examples, so not dating is against regulations, unless they were told to quit marking them). We have scores of no dates and a smattering WITH dates, none we have observed that are dated 1927 or 1928.